Looking for Writers

Love Wrestling and Writing?

If you love wrestling and have some free time once or twice a week then contact us!
This is not a job, it is just freelance writing on your own time because you have a passion like us, about wrestling!

This is perfect for someone who wants to gain more followers/readers, something on their resume and or someone trying to break into sports entertainment.

Also you can use us for a recommendation.


What we are looking for and information on the writing position.

-News reports or breaking news

-One or two articles a week of your own opinionated topic, it can be about anything currently going on in wrestling or past wrestling topics. If you want to pump out a few more extra a week then that is up to you!
-Remember this is a site made by Fans for Fans, so it is not a paying job but it can help you in your future to gain followers and continue or star being taking seriously in the writing field/Sports entertainment field.
-If you are with us for a while, you will receive your own dedicated tab for all of your articles.
– If you who watch NJPW and Indie wrestling consistently and would like to recap or write opinionated articles about the topic that would definitely be a plus!

We do not need someone who has to do all these things but you can pick a couple your interested in that you feel you could be consistent with.


  • You must be great at grammar and writing. We do not want to spend all of our time correcting articles.
  • You must site or give credit to any sources you want to refer to in your articles
  • You must enjoy writing!

Email us at RumblingRumors@gmail.com if you are interested.  Include a sample article of your writing in the email and give us some information on yourself.

Subject Line should Read: Writer for RumblingRumors website.