Looking for Writers

Love Wrestling and Writing?

If you love wrestling and have some free time once or twice a week then contact us!
This is not a job, it is just freelance writing on your own time because you have a passion like us, about wrestling! This is perfect for someone who wants to have something on their resume if they want a career in writing. Also you can use us for a recommendation.

What we are looking for?
-Someone to Recap the End of Monday Night Raw and Smackdown or other live events.
-One or two articles a week of your own opinionated topic.
-Remember this is a site made by Fans for Fans, so it is not a paying job but it can help you in your future if you would to become a writer.
-If you are with us for awhile, you will receive your own dedicated tab for all of your articles.
-We really need someone who watches TNA consistently and would like to recap or write opinionated articles about the topic.

We do not need someone who has to do all these things but you can pick a couple your interested in that you feel you could be consistent with.


  • Must be decent at grammar and writing. We do not want to spend all of our time correcting articles.
  • You must site or give credit to any sources you want to refer to in your articles
  • You must enjoy writing!

Email us at RumblingRumors@gmail.com if you are interested.

Subject Line should Read: Writer for RumblingRumors website.