Why Ronda Rousey is Played Out

Why Ronda Rousey is Played Out

I know I am gonna get a lot of heat for this, but, here is the straight dope.

Ronda is played out.

When she first joined the WWE, everyone, including myself was excited…Now maybe the Women’s wrestling division will be taken seriously. It was…For a while. Ronda, in my opinion, was rushed into the ring. What I mean by that is, she is horrible at taking a bump, she cannot sell moves very well and she doesn’t seem to be able to or like to put others over.

Rousey is becoming Charlotte Flair 2.0

Not selling. Not putting over. Her matches are just not interesting anymore. I can only speak for myself. In my opinion, she needs to go away and spend some more time on working on selling moves and putting other Women over. My eight-year-old Son can sell moves better than she can.

Now, I am not saying she needs to quit, I am not one of those jerks who thinks she should quit entirely. Rousey has tons of potential, but, it is gonna take more practice time and more time in the ring that isn’t on camera or in front of a crowd. #RondaRousey can work a mic very well. Her shoots are decent, again, she needs more practice. I think that her and Braun Strowman need to go to some sort of ‘How to cut a promo’ school.

I think she can be one of the greats, but, she needs work.

The fact is, according to WWE via TMZ Sports, her contract isn’t up until 2021 (Which you can read HEREDoes she have the time to work on what she needs to work on before her contract expires? Will she resign with #WWE or retire? Perhaps, she’ll move on to #AEW

We can only wait and see…





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Why Ronda Rousey is Played Out
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Why Ronda Rousey is Played Out
Why Ronda Rousey is Played Out
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