Where are the other NXT call ups, WWE?

Where are the other NXT call ups, WWE?

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Over the past few weeks, WWE has been calling up various NXT stars. Nikki Cross, Heavy Machinery, EC3, Lacey Evans — and Lars Sullivan, in a sense — have all been brought up to join the main roster. Fans who don’t normally watch NXT got a taste of what was in store in some exciting first matches from Cross and Machinery, but other stars such as Evans and EC3 were introduced via some fun, where are they going with this promos.


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But then something happened.

Almost all of them, aside from Evans, have disappeared from television. Yet according to various internet sources and fans, they have been performing in dark matches and house shows. I would like to think that WWE is pushing them that way so fans can become accustomed to the new call ups, since most of their reactions from fans have been mostly lukewarm. Evans meanwhile, has caused a social media frenzy with fans taking to Twitter to talk about the well dressed woman who does nothing more than walk down the aisle and then back up. #LaceyEvans doesn’t seem to care about who she interrupts either. If you’ve watched her in NXT (or have gone back and Googled her matches) you can see that she is in fact a talented athlete.

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I’m willing to bet that Evans will have her first match closer to Wrestlemania (or at Wrestlemania), but I still want to know where the other call ups are. Right now fans are (possibly) enjoying the likes of #AleisterBlack, Tommaso #Ciampa, Johnny #Gargano and #Ricochet, but how long will they last until they’re all put on the back burner? Personally I had high hopes for the previous call ups — especially Cross. Cross was a much needed breath of fresh air for the women’s roster, one whom I think could have had some great matches with the likes of Ruby Riot or even Becky Lynch. Heavy Machinery was also a great addition, but in an already overlooked tag team roster they got well, overlooked.


I can’t comment on #EC3. Has he had a match on the main roster? I honestly can’t remember. That’s also a problem for WWE — so much of it is forgettable at this point, and most fans probably forgot about these recent call ups.

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After the McMahon’s promised big changes coming to WWE (along with announcing that the fans were now the authority), it looks as if they’ve gone back on just about everything. I’m not shocked. You shouldn’t be either. They had lightning in a bottle for about 4 minutes, but then things went back to the way they always have been. It’s a shame too. I really wanted to see someone other than a tall, built, blonde lead the change in WWE.

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Where are the other NXT call ups, WWE?
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Where are the other NXT call ups, WWE?
Where are the other NXT call ups, WWE?
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