WWE To Release a Cookbook?

WWE To Release a Cookbook.

Yes…I am afraid so.

WWE announced that they would be partnering up with Allison Robicelli who is an award-winning foodie author and media personality.

The recipes include such things as (no, I’m not joking):


The Rock’s Jabroni Macaroni Salad

John Cena’s Fruity Pebble treats

Nacho Man Randy Savage

There are also recipes for drinks, appetizers and desserts.

Now, here is the thing.

None of the recipes are made by the WWE superstars. They only have their names attached to them.


I am hoping for some off the wall kind of things…LIKE…..

The Tuna That AJ Styles Melt

Alexa Blisscuits

Coffee Kingston

Heath Slater’s Kids Meal

Jinder Mahal’s Shanti Shake

The King Slayer’s Side Dish

Titus O’Natchos

Bo Dallas’ Bo-Liver

Dean Ambrosia

Wok With Elias

Sin Cara-mel

Ember Moon-Pies

Becky Lunch


I could go on, but the cookbook itself goes on sale March 19, 2019 and is Written by Allison Robicelli

with Photography by John Dean


You can buy the book on amazon here.




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WWE To Release a Cookbook?
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WWE To Release a Cookbook?
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