Who Is Signed For AEW So Far & Everything We Know.

Who Is Signed For AEW So Far & Everything We Know.


AEW, All Elite Wrestling, has been just a rumor until recently. 

Last year, there were several reports of the promotion and who was going to join it…

Jim Ross was rumored to be involved, Chris Jericho was rumored to be involved, Jericho himself at one point denied it. Since the press conference, for lack of better term, on Tuesday January 7, 2019, we now know a handful of who is “All In”.

Here are the names we KNOW are involved:

#CodyRhodes, #BrandiRhodes, The #YoungBucks, #HangmanPage, Chris Jericho, #PAC (AKA Neville), #BrittBaker, #MJF (Maxwell Jacob Feinstein), #JoeyJanela, #PenelopeFord, #FrankieKazarian, #ChristopherDaniels, and #ScorpioSky and #BillyGunn was named as being a producer.

These are only the names so far.

With some of the trademarks that AEW has filed, we can get an idea of what may be taking place.

As of December of 2018, the following trademarks were filed by AEW:


AEW Double of Nothin

AEW All Out


Tuesday Night Dynamite

Fight For The Fallen

Obviously, some of those HAVE to be PPV names, with the exception of ‘Tuesday Night Dynamite’ which we can assume is going to be the flagship of the company and the competition for Tuesday Night’s SmackDown.


Undoubtedly, there will be more trademarks to be registered in the near future.

#ChrisJericho, as I said initially denied his involvement has since been removed from the WWE intro.

Twitter user, Diego posted this screen cap:



And on top of all of that, fans who showed up for the SmackDown Live tapings were turned away because they were wearing AEW shirts.

Apparently, security was told to turn away anyone wearing any #AEW merch.














Who Is Signed For AEW So Far
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Who Is Signed For AEW So Far
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