Was The Revival Release a Stunt?

Was The Revival Release a Stunt?

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In early January, we reported that The Revival (#DashWilder & #ScottDawson) had requested their release from WWE after a Monday Night RAW match, (You can read that article HERE). 

There was plenty of speculation to go around, but now, not so much…

Both Dawson & Wilder’s contracts don’t expire until 2020, and their (alleged) main complaint was that the tag-team division is/was being ignored. NOW – The tag-team division will apparently be getting a push….and Dawson & Wilder are going to be getting a (Supposed) major push as the face of the tag-team division.


Was this all a stunt to bring attention to the tag-team division? Not by Dawson & Wilder, but, by WWE creative? Here is my theory…

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WWE knows that the tag-team division is lacking as far as interest from the #WWE Universe is concerned, they decide to try and get more people interested in it by introducing the Women’s tag-team belts…

But, that isn’t enough…They need some sort of controversy, because as any WWE fan will tell you, controversy sells, not only tickets, but, ideas.

WWE hatches a plan…

WWE then approach #TheRevival, who are considered to be one of the ‘low end tag-teams ‘and pitches their idea, The Revival agrees to do it on the condition that they become the face of the division…WWE agrees.

WWE then ‘leaks’ a rumor that Dawson & Wilder requested their release (Directly after a match that they had WON)…

ALL of a sudden, everyone is talking about the tag-team division, WWE continues with their original plan to push the tag-teams…

All the teams get a push, Dawson & Wilder become the new face of the division and striking while it’s hot, they introduce the Women’s tag-team belts.

POOF – people care about the tag-team division again…

Just a thought.

What are yours? Leave your feedback in the comment section below…




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Was The Revival Release a Stunt? WWE Revival leaving WWE??
Article Name
Was The Revival Release a Stunt? WWE Revival leaving WWE??
Was The Revival Release a Stunt? WWE Revival leaving WWE? Is the Revival going to AEW? Scott Dawson leaving WWE? Dash Wilder leaving WWE?

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