The WWE Exodus

The WWE Exodus

As of late there have been many reports that the WWE superstars whose contracts are up, or are coming up, may not be resigning with the company. Many speculate that due to the birth of All Elite Wrestling, many superstars are getting bigger, better offers.One thing to keep in mind is the fact that #AEW are not necessarily the ones making these grand offers.With the presence of AEW, companies like WWE, NJPW and Ring of Honor are having to up their game, offering the stars more money.

The reason I mention WWE is because with the stars whose contracts are coming up, they are being forced to ‘Sweeten the deal’ of anything that may be preexisting. With that being said, it has not only been reported that The Revival has asked for their release, but, it is being reported that they did it after their match on Monday Night RAW. After they defeated Kalisto and Gran Metalik they apparently went directly backstage and asked for their release. It was reported late last week that they were ready to move on and were planning to negotiate with another company.

BUT – They are not the only ones.

Mike and Maria Kanellis are said to have asked to be released from the company also, as they are unhappy with how they are being used (or in this case, not used at all.). Mike Kanellis, whose real name is Mike Bennett, has already started selling merch under said name on Pro Wrestling Tees, no word yet on if the same can be said for Maria.

All four performers have asked to be released from their contracts from WWE, which could be

1) A negotiation tactic or

2) They are jumping ship and already have something in mind.

As we all know, WWE is NOT fond of releasing performers from their contracts. When #PAC (Formerly #Neville) asked to be released, they made him wait out his contract without any option to negotiate any deals with any other company while signed – Not performing, just signed with the company.

And WWE may have bigger problems on their hands as many performers contracts are coming up for re-negotiation(s).

#AJStyles contract is set to expire soon as is #JimRoss’.

This could be bad for WWE as Styles is one of the top performers on the SmackDown brand if not the entire company. But, word on the street is that Styles is looking for something that has a bit more flexibility as far as time on the road goes as he wants to spend more time with his family.

It is no secret how Jim Ross has been treated by the #WWE, so, he may want to jump ship also. Many names are being attached to the rumor of jumping ship, but, very few are being confirmed.

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The WWE Exodus
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The WWE Exodus
The WWE Exodus. WWE Superstars Jumping to AEW. Which WWE Superstars are jumping to ALL ELITE Wrestling. Rumors on WWE Superstars going to AEW

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