The Austin Creed (Xavier Woods) Panel at MAGFest Was Full of Positivity, But No Pancakes.

The Austin Creed (Xavier Woods) Panel at MAGFest Was Full of Positivity, But No Pancakes.


A week ago I attended the annual music and gaming festival–MAGFest. I’ve watched MAGFest grow over the years, and I’ve been enjoying going for several years now. This year though was different. This year, Austin Creed (aka Xavier Woods) was a guest at the festival (because of UpUpDownDown), meaning this years MAGFest had the potential to be the best one yet.

I actually saw Creed in the gaming room within minutes of arriving. To my surprise he actually remembered me, and was kind enough to take a selfie. His PaRappa the Rapper cosplay was excellent, and according to social media, he looked like he was enjoying the hell out of MAG. On Saturday afternoon Creed hosted a Q&A panel, which had a line over an hour before the start time. My friend Carlos joined me at the panel, and it’s safe to say we had a great time listening to Creed.

Image result for austin creed gifThe panel opened with some jokes, and Creed pondering things such as who really taught us to brush our teeth (and, do you wet the toothbrush before putting on toothpaste), his love of cool ranch doritos and chocolate ice cream (which his mom ate while pregnant with him), and he even revealed to the crowd that he has three times the amount of taste buds than the average person has. Therefor, Austin Creed is a superhero and we should all really be afraid. Or not. He’s a cool guy.


Obviously wrestling did come up. To Creed’s credit, he made sure no one in the crowd (IE: children) would be shocked to hear that wrestling is fake, or as he put it, “Play fighting with our friends in shiny pants”. Video games used to not be allowed backstage, but Shelton Benjamin was a pioneer in getting video games in the locker room. Over the years the rules have laxed, and now game consoles are set up almost everywhere. It’s a great stress reliever, so kudos for them. He also talked about The New Day’s origins–who were originally presented as preachers. That obviously didn’t work out. What also didn’t work out was the heel angle Creed was vying for. He did face some pushback from creative over that though, since Kofi Kingston would likely never be booed as he had been a face for so long.

But Creed was determined. He had a heel fire in his heart, and only four weeks to pull it off. By week three, with Creed’s masterwork on the mic, he finally got a few weak boos for Kofi. If he could do that, he could arguably do anything. Such as the infamous trombone. One day he randomly asked for a trombone, and he got a trombone (at the time he was sidelined due to injury, to he wanted something to do). Creed played that trombone like it owed him money, and it paid off. When they went backstage after the match, Vince McMahon was crying from laughing so hard. He looked at Creed and said “You are never allowed to go out there without a trombone.” I’d say Creed’s done an excellent job of gambling on himself.

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After engaging the audience in his pretty amazing stories, he answered a bunch of quick fire questions. He would absolutely love to challenge Kenny Omega in a video game tournament again. He thinks the NXT roster has some serious talent, and would love to wrestle Velveteen Dream, Adam Cole, and Angelo Dawkins. He’s looking forward to the next Kingdom Hearts game, and he even wrote a pilot for a New Day cartoon. It would have been a spinoff of Power Rangers/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the good guys would have always come out on top. Sadly, no one’s picked it up yet. Creed, if you’re reading this, it would probably work well as a comic. Seriously.


As the panel came to a close, he thanked the audience again for coming out. If you’ve never met Creed, or been in a panel he’s been on, I strongly encourage you to do both. He’s absolutely charming, and knows how to tell a story. The New Day is my favorite wrestling group, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for all of them!


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The Austin Creed (Xavier Woods) Panel at MAGFest Was Full of Positivity, But No Pancakes.
Article Name
The Austin Creed (Xavier Woods) Panel at MAGFest Was Full of Positivity, But No Pancakes.
The Austin Creed (Xavier Woods) Panel at MAGFest Was Full of Positivity, But No Pancakes. Austin Creed Panel. Xavier Woods interview at MAGFest.

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