Rousey’s Contract to Expire in April 2021

Rousey’s Contract to Expire in April 2021

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There have been mixed reports as to when Ronda Rousey’s contract is up with WWE.

Wrestling Observer reported that as of WrestleMania 35, the WWE contract with #RondaRousey will be up.

But, in the world of #WWE, nothing is always as it seems.

As of now, TMZ is reporting that Ronda is more than content working with WWE and has no immediate plans on leaving the company.

Apparently, her contract isn’t up until April 2021, that would be around WrestleMania 36…


When that gets here, she could say, “Okay, that was fun, I’m going back to my farm.”

Or, she could say, “That was great, I think I’ll stick around for a bit longer.”

Wrestlers are a fickle bunch….

They ‘Retire’ and then come back one more time, and then one more time after that and then another time after that, so, no one truly quits, they just take prolonged breaks.

More on this story as more information becomes available.





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Rousey’s Contract to Expire in April 2021.
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