My Favorite Match From Wrestle Kingdom 13!

My favorite match from Wrestle Kingdom 13!


Wrestle Kingdom is NJPW’s answer to Wrestlemania. The flashy, big, and by all means better, show just completed its 13th installment. If you’ve been following me on my other site or social media, what I’m about to say probably won’t shock you.

The #IWGP Heavyweight Championship Match: Kenny Omega vs Hiroshi Tanahashi was my favorite match. Now, this entire PPV was full of amazing matches: Tetsuya #Naito vs #Jericho, Kazuchika #Okada vs #JayWhite, and more. But going in, something felt inherently special about this match. Would Omega hang on to the IWGP Heavyweight title? Or would he drop it for something more..elite?

The two men were very even keeled, with taunts and jeers through the match. This could also have very well been Tanahashi’s last shot at greatness, so he was giving it his all. Omega had no issue with slamming Tanahashi into tables (and then mocking the announcers), but this only made Tanahashi look like a bigger hero than he already was.


Omega was the big dog (per say) in the ring for a while, but once Tanahashi got his footing, there was no stopping him. Both of these men proved they were the best in the world, but in the end, #KennyOmega was dethroned, and #Tanahashi reigned supreme. Both of these men absolutely sold this match, and showed just how great the world of wrestling can really be. The drama, the moves, and the absolute pomp and circumstance, made this an incredible match.

What interests me now is what’s next for Omega. With Tanahashi at the top of the #NJPW Mountain, will Omega find greatness with the rest of The Elite? Or will he join the WWE? There are rumors swirling that WWE has offered Omega an incredible, last minute deal—but personally I’ll believe it when I see it. While I think Omega would be cool in WWE, there’s that voice in the back of my head that says he would be misused by the company.




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My favorite Match From Wrestle Kingdom 13!
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My favorite Match From Wrestle Kingdom 13!
My favorite Match From Wrestle Kingdom 13! Wrestle Kingdom best match of the event. Best match at Wrestle Kingdom 2019. Highlights

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