Dolph Ziggler on WWE & AEW Rumors

Dolph Ziggler on WWE & AEW Rumors


On January 26, 2019, Chris Van Vliet posted an interview he did with WWE Superstar, Dolph Ziggler. 

Recently, there has been a lot of speculation about his current status with WWE and plenty of rumors. We covered part of that and can read that HERE

Just so you know, it DOES seem that Dolph’s responses seems to be in character.

So, keep that in mind as you read the responses, the link to the video of the interview are at the end of the article. As far as him being at the #RoyalRumble, he says he won’t be there as he is not scheduled to be there, although he does live in Phoenix, Az.

I would not be surprised if he is a surprise entrant, as his former tag-team partner, Drew McIntyre will be in the Rumble.

As far as his status with WWE, he says he is on “hiatus” and is taking a break. Looking on into the future, he says that he has a “handshake agreement” with WWE and there is nothing on paper.

When talking about being a producer for #WWE, he says that is not the immediate plan, but, something perhaps down the road. (This would imply he doesn’t plan on leaving.)

And the most interesting part of the interview was when he was talking about AEW –

As I said, it appears to be #DolphZiggler in character, and the comments about #AEW show it. He regards himself as not just as not “[the] next big signing, I’d say I would be the big signing…”

Ziggler also implies that he has many options and is happy that AEW is/could be one of them.

Now in the next quote, it isn’t HOW he said anything, it was all WHAT he said…

Below you can find part of his comments.

“So you never know. I think it would be great, I think it would be a great addition to that company which seems to be for true wrestlers who love the sport and the business. It’s a great idea.”

What strikes me is the way he said “it” and NOT “I

I don’t know anyone who talks about themselves as “it”

This could also be a slick way to skirt around the issue, meaning, he never said

“I would be a great addition…”, he said,

“It would be a great addition…”

The video, also my source for this article can be found below:





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Dolph Ziggler on WWE & AEW Rumors.
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Dolph Ziggler on WWE & AEW Rumors.
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