Dean Ambrose Quitting WWE?!

Dean Ambrose Quitting WWE?!

Becky Lynch may have stolen the show on yesterday’s Monday Night #RAW, but it was Dean we began to see with an open heart.  Perhaps the latest rumour from PWTorch makes the moment, as well as the excellent match between him and Seth Rollins so much more poignant.  According to sources sharing info with PWT, Dean Ambrose has tendered his resignation as a WWE Superstar and will be leaving the company after Wrestlemania 35.  

Rumbling Rumors will follow up as more information becomes available.  Personally, this breaks my heart. His return was muted, and his run with the title had little bite.  But in my opinion #DeanAmbrose, underneath the poor writing (which he was able to break at the end of every segment with grace and style), was portraying a mentally ill man upset with the world and friends that used his illness for their own gain.  

I hope the spark of light we saw in his eyes last night as he faced down Triple H means he’s headed towards happiness, no matter where that might be.

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Dean Ambrose Quitting WWE?!
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Dean Ambrose Quitting WWE?!
Dean Ambrose Quitting WWE?! Dean Ambrose headed to AEW? WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose calling it quits? Renee Young and Dean Ambrose WWE Rumors

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