Carmella Had The Best Character Growth In 2018.

Carmella Had The Best Character Growth In 2018.


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Let’s be frank. Since 2014 Carmella has had one hell of a run with WWE. She successfully separated herself from Enzo and Big Cass’s hairdresser, managed to climb her way up to become a SmackDown Women’s champion, and in 2018 she cleanly defeated a number of great talent on the roster — and her in ring work has gone from good to great.




In 2018 she won the first ever women’s Money in the Bank (ok ok ok, she didn’t actually win. That Chinless Wonder won it for her), and for the next 287 days she held onto that contract before finally cashing in — and pinning an already defeated from a previous match — Charlotte Flair. While these wins weren’t my favorite by a long shot, creative did move her past that and into some serious matches that really showed off her skills. She did drop the title at SummerSlam 2018, but to be fair, she had a good run as the SD Women’s Champ. She flaunted it, taunted the other women, and showed a type of charisma that only the Princess of Staten Island can pull off. Now she’s turned into a beloved dancing babyface alongside R Truth, and she’s only gotten better.

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But her real draw is her microphone work. #Carmella is a genius with the mic. Her promos are executed extremely well, and I’ve had a steady interest in them. While she may not talk with that exaggerated Staten Island accent anymore, she still draws everyone’s attention with just how damn well she delivers every single line. And let’s not forget the infamous dance breaks with #RTruth. Their dance breaks will absolutely put a smile on your face, and if you’re lucky enough to catch them at a house show, they even dance with a select few kids in the ring. She was also my favorite part of Total Divas, and honestly I’d love to see her back on the show.


With her upcoming role in this year’s The Beach Bum (starring Matthew McConaughey), we get to see her branch out from the squared circle, and into the big screen. Given her mic work, I have a feeling she’ll absolutely nail her role in this movie. Who knows, maybe she’s the next Rock or John Cena.




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Carmella Had The Best Character Growth In 2018.
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Carmella Had The Best Character Growth In 2018.
Carmella Had The Best Character Growth In 2018. Carmella WWE 2018 and future. Carmella has grown alot over her WWE Tenure.

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