WWE Stocks Are Up – And SOLD!

WWE Stocks Are Up – And SOLD!

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The NYSE is a strange and unforgiving Mistress.

The World Wrestling, Inc. stock has been on a wicked rollercoaster for the past 15 years, but, it has become a lot more interesting in the past year.

The lowest stock price for #WWE (that I could find) was from October 11, 2002 when the stock was at $7.40 Then, fast forward to January 16, 2015 when the stock was at $10.29 So, in 4,480 days (12 years, 3 months & 5 days) the stock only went up by $2.89.

It took the stock 12 years to rise a little under $3


Out of nowhere, in June of 2018, (3 years and 4 months), the stock went from $10.29 to $61.50 that is a $51.21 increase. Here is where the roller coaster starts, as it skyrocketed $35.23 in a 4-month period. So, as of September 28 of 2018, the WWE stock was at $96.73 which is the highest it has been in the past 5 years.

The decline started with the scandal of WWE Crown Jewel, which I wrote about HERE.

On Monday, October 15, 2018, the stock was at $84.97, that is about a $12 decline in a 2-week period. Then, as the political pressure started to take its toll on the shareholders (Which I wrote about HERE), the stock dropped almost $20 in a 2-week period. Magically, the stock is now up by almost $11 in a little over 30 days.


#VinceMcMahon noticed and took advantage of it.

At the end of November/beginning of December 2018, the stock was in better health as it was at almost $76 per share; Vince sold over 300,000 shares – that is a staggering $22 Million. Don’t worry, Vince isn’t heading to the poor house anytime soon, as his remaining stock is estimated to be in the ball park of $2.4 Billion.

So, since 2002, the stock has gone up (roughly) $68.00 – making it a $4.25 a year incline (over a 16-year period.).

Will this upward trend stick?

Most likely it will even out and once it does, it will most likely be after January/February of 2019. I am going to take a guess and say that starting around February 2019, the stock will balance itself at about $67-$71 per share.

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Below is a list of the date and cost of WWE, Inc. Stock:

10/11/02 – $07.40

01/16/15 – $10.29

06/05/18 – $61.50

09/28/18 – $96.73

10/15/18 – $84.97

10/29/18 – $66.16

11/19/18 – $61.82

12/03/18 – $75.69





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WWE Stocks Are Up – And SOLD!
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WWE Stocks Are Up – And SOLD!
WWE Stocks Are Up – And SOLD! WWE Stocks are up and rising. WWE Current stock market. How is WWEs stock market doing in 2018.

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