WWE RAW Makes History & Not in a Good Way

WWE RAW Makes History & Not in a Good Way

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This past December 3, 2018 episode of RAW was the LOWEST rated of the series – EVER.

Many other dirt sheets are noting that it may have been because of the Philadelphia Eagles vs. Washington Redskins game, but, that is a side note as #WWE is used to competing with Monday Night Football.

Granted, the episode of #RAW in question did suck a bit, but, the average/overall amount of people watching was 2.28 million. This is the lowest rated episode of RAW to date. If I were to take a guess as to why, well, that would be a whole other article altogether.

The past 2 lows were on October 1, 2018 with 2.3 million viewers and then on September 24 with 2.35 million.

So, the lows go as follows:


September 24, 2018   2.35 million viewers

October 1, 2018         2.30 million viewers

December 3, 2018     2.28 million viewers


You can see the steady decline of viewers starting in September and their November ratings were nothing to write home about.

WWE should be very, very thankful that the year is almost over and we’ll be able to see what kind of changes come to WWE in 2019.





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WWE RAW Makes History & Not in a Good Way.
Article Name
WWE RAW Makes History & Not in a Good Way.
WWE RAW Makes History & Not in a Good Way. WWE RAWS Ratings worst ever in history of the Monday Night Series. WWE RAW TANKS IN RATINGS.
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