Why Was Ambrose V Rollins So Boring?

Why Was Ambrose V Rollins So Boring?

The Intercontinental Championship match between Dean Ambrose and #SethRollins was really boring. For those of us who were forced to sit thru it, we suffered, for those of you who didn’t, lucky you. The meat and potatoes of the situation is this: why was it boring?

From bell to bell, it was the most standard, cookie cut out match one could see on TV much less a pay-per-view. The moves were all too predictable and the crowd wasn’t behind the match at all. You could barely tell there was an audience until they started chanting things like, “This is boring” and “We deserve better”.


The buildup for this match has been going on for weeks. One would think that with all of this buildup there would be more to it.

Could it be the fact that this has been done over and over?How many times has Ambrose and Rollins bounced between friends and foes? The fact that this is such a recycled storyline could be a major reason for the lackluster reaction of the crowd. I know I myself have lost track of how many times they have worked this storyline, and I know that was part of the reason I was bored.

Being the jaded wrestling fan that I am, I usually use my Wife as a gauge as to how exciting the match is. When I heard her say, “We all know Ambrose is gonna win.” That was the sign that this storyline has been done too many times. And low and behold, #DeanAmbrose won the IC Championship. But, I don’t think anyone was surprised. I know I wasn’t, my Wife, who is a casual fan wasn’t.

Is the retelling of a storyline making the outcome more predictable? Or are we as viewers just used to the WWE formula?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.






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Why Was Ambrose V Rollins So Boring?
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Why Was Ambrose V Rollins So Boring?
Why Was Ambrose V Rollins So Boring? Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose Worst match at TLC. Worst match at TLC 2018 Ambrose Rollins.

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