Why I want Alexa Bliss as the RAW General Manager.

Why I want Alexa Bliss as the RAW General Manager.


By now we all know that #AlexaBliss has been put in charge of the RAW Women’s division. While this may not bode well for her in ring action career (since she’s been out due to an injury), it would be great in developing her character. Bliss clearly loves being in charge, and she is fantastic on the mic.

She’s had beef with almost every woman on the roster, so watching her try and handle herself—as well as people’s preconceived notions about her—would be fun. Being put into some uncomfortable situations would force her character to grow and develop.

Bliss wasn’t always a heel either, so a flip wouldn’t be out of the question. While I don’t want to see her be a total babyface again, I think being a little bit of both would work well for her.

But what about #BaronCorbin? I could absolutely see Bliss stabbing Corbin in the back for the spot of the RAW General Manager. She would already have the backing of Braun Strowman, which if played right could dominate #RAW for a while.

And at this point, I think it would help RAW. Let’s be honest, it hasn’t been great lately. But I have hope, and that hope is full of Bliss.





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Why I want Alexa Bliss as the RAW General Manager
Why I want Alexa Bliss as the RAW General Manager. Alexa Bliss Raw general manager 2018. Who should be the next WWE RAW GM?
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