Why Asuka Should Win At TLC.

Why Asuka Should Win At TLC.

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It was announced on #Smackdown Live that at #TLC it will be Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair Vs. Asuka for the Smackdown Live Women’s championship in a triple threat TLC match. I hear the this is awesome chants happening already. This is great for many reasons. It’s great because one, even without Asuka the match would’ve been great with Charlotte and Becky, adding Asuka to the mix just adds awesomeness to an already awesome match. It also shows that they actually haven’t forgotten about Asuka.

Now with that being said who should win this match? Now I think Asuka should win this match, here’s why.

It’s no secret Asuka has seemed to be lost in the shuffle the past few months. Even with what they’ve been having her do lately there is still the dominant #Asuka and I still see her as such. So, winning that championship at this event against these two ladies will put her back on top. I don’t know what feud it will lead to, but a title reign will be great for her.

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As for #BeckyLynch this could put her in the spot to win the women’s Royal Rumble and challenge whoever the Raw Women’s champion is at that time (probably still Ronda) and win at WrestleMania. Now I’m saying this in the hope of creative having the smarts to do this, so we’ll see how that goes.

Also, being that the rumors of Alexa Bliss being GM and now she is overseeing the Women on Raw a Lynch/Bliss rebel vs. authority figure would work too. They already have history, so it makes plenty sense.


Now what could happen to #CharlotteFlair is, well I don’t know. Maybe this leads to a #WrestleMania rematch between her and Asuka. Or something else that doesn’t involve her in a title picture. She doesn’t really need to be in the title scene and I think some of us are tired of seeing it too. Either way a loss for her at TLC doesn’t damage her at all. We all know who she is and what she can do. She’s already established enough she can go to the background and not be buried.

All in all, a great match was made here. Hopefully the result will be just as great. At least make it something that makes sense. This could be a match of the night candidate if given proper time and booked correctly.





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Why Asuka Should Win At TLC.
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Why Asuka Should Win At TLC.
Why Asuka Should Win At TLC. WWE TLC Asuka Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair Match 2018. WWE Superstar Asuka and what WWE Should do at TLC.

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