TLC Was One of The Best PPV’s WWE Had This Year.

TLC Was One of The Best PPV’s WWE Had This Year.


So it’s been a day since WWE’s last PPV of the year aired. This event was full of some impressive (and not so impressive) matches, with some rather nice touches. I won’t focus on the negatives, but instead I’ll just talk about what absolutely worked.


Braun Strowman vs Baron Corbin: This match made me feel like a kid again. Corbin came out (with #HeathSlater as a ref, and started the DQ countdown. Right before we got to one, Strowman came out. Obviously Strowman couldn’t wrestle due to an injury, so he was joined in the ring by Apollo Crews, #FinnBalor, Chad Gable, and Bobby Roode…who all started to beat the crap out of Corbin. Corbin began to crawl away, and that’s when Kurt Angle came out. In the end Corbin was defeated, and it just felt really great to watch. Corbin’s character is an effective heel, which made his loss absolutely delicious. It also made me invested in Monday Night RAW, something WWE has failed to do the past few weeks.

Later on we got Finn Balor vs Drew McIntyre. The match was pretty exciting and just plain fun to watch. Balor and McIntyre’s feud has been somewhat painful to watch if you’re a Balor fan, but man what a great storyline this has been. The match was exciting, with some close pinfalls. In the end Balor won due to interference by Dolph Ziggler, but a win’s a win I guess. It did make me more invested on how this will play out on #RAW, as I don’t think Balor was pleased with Ziggler either.


The main event is arguably one of the best matches of the year. Aside from being the first triple threat TLC match—for the SmackDown Women’s title—we got three of WWE’s most talented women in said match. #BeckyLynch and Charlotte Flair have had an impressive year, but Asuka’s year has been well, debatable. That being said we knew we were getting one hell of a match before the show, and boy did they deliver. The three of them weren’t afraid to slam into tables, ladders, and chairs, and honestly they all sold me on their pain and suffering.

I was a bit annoyed that Ronda Rousey interfered, but I have a feeling that will develop into a strong storyline between Flair, Lynch, and Rousey. In the end I was excited to see Asuka win the title. Asuka started the year strong, had a weak middle, but she ended 2018 on a high note. This was the best way to end the #TLC PPV, and I’m glad I watched it.





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TLC was one of the best PPV’s the WWE had this year.
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TLC was one of the best PPV’s the WWE had this year.
TLC was one of the best PPV’s the WWE had this year. WWE TLC WAS THE NUMBER 1 PPV OF 2018. How did TLC do out of all the PPVs this year?

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