RAW Ratings Rise

RAW Ratings Rise

In the month of December alone, RAW has had two distinct moments in regards to ratings. During the early part of the month, it hit, what was at the time the lowest #RAW ratings had been ever. Then, only a week after that (December 10, 2018) the ratings hit the lower than the lowest.

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With that, the McMahon family responded by announcing that they, or at least the patriarch, Vince McMahon, would be there. This created a lot of buzz and a lot of speculation as to why he was there and what he might say and/or announce.

With his appearance came that of Stephanie, Triple H and Shane-O-Mac. Their family announcement was simple – get rid of the management. By blaming Baron Corbin for the low ratings and the lackluster shows, they had a built in sacrificial lamb. This lamb, AKA Corbin, was then fed to the wolves.

A match involving #BaronCorbin and a handful of RAW superstars with a McMahon coming down the ramp every 2 minutes adding more stipulations.

That alone was probably a factor in the ratings boost.

The current ratings are as follows:

September 24, 2018    2.35 million viewers

October 1, 2018          2.30 million viewers

December 3, 2018      2.28 million viewers

December 10, 2018    2.19 million viewers

December 17, 2018    2.54 million viewers

As you can see, December 17, 2018 was up significantly from the week prior.

The big question is; how long will the ratings boost last?










RAW Ratings Rise.
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RAW Ratings Rise.
RAW Ratings Rise. WWE RAW Ratings rise after December 17th episode. Is WWE Raw finally gaining some traction? WWE Ratings this week.

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