RAW Christmas Eve Spoilers

RAW Christmas Eve Spoilers


With the holiday season, RAW and Smackdown both filmed live and pre recorded episodes.

The December 17, 2018 episode of #RAW and the December 24, 2018 episode of RAW were both taped in Sacramento, California on December 17

These are spoilers for the Christmas Eve episode.


Walking with Elias:

The episode starts with Elias calling out Bobby Lashley via a song. Lashley comes out to answer the call and a Miracle on 34th Street Match it becomes!

After attacking each other with several different holiday/novelty items, Lashley falls from a guitar to the back. Elias wins.


Reviving the Tag Team Titles:

Next up, we have the Revival challenging the RAW tag team Champions, Bobby Roode and Chad Gable. No big shock here – The Revival loses.


A Scotsman, an Irishman and a Show-off Walk into a Ring…


Yes, #DrewMcIntyre, #FinnBalor and #DolphZiggler take part in a triple threat match.

Before the match, The Scottish Terminator was in the ring telling everyone what to expect from him for the upcoming Royal Rumble.

As the match went on, it was a free for all. After all was said and done, Balor took down Ziggler for the win. After the match, McIntyre went after Ziggler and Ziggler nailed him with the Zig-Zag.

Alicia Fox, Dana Brooke and Mickie James vs. Sasha Banks, Ember Moon and Bayley:

This is getting old. Long story short – Banks, Moon and Bayley won.

After the match, The Riott Squad came out and put a hurt on the winners.


Paul Heyman Promo:

Paul Heyman came out to sing the praises of his client, Brock Lesnar.

During the promo, Braun Strowman came out and told Heyman what he was going to do to his client…


Ronda Vs. Natalya:

After winning the Gauntlet match on the December 17, 2018 episode of RAW, Natalya now has her opportunity to take on her friend, “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey.


As good as a fight Natalya put up, Ronda won – Big Shock !

(Authors Note: As awesome as Natalya is, the way her character is going, I don’t think they plan on showcasing her anytime soon. Which is a shame considering what a talent she is.)

The One Man Band Vs. The Modern Day Maharaja:


I have to say, I love these two performers. Both are very outstanding wrestlers and are both very undersold and under used.

Anyways, this was a so-so match…It could have been better, but as I said, they don’t use these two as well as they should.

After a solid back and forth, Slater won and Santa showed up – Santa was actually – Rhino.


Burning Down The End of Days:


This is the rivalry I have been wanting.

Seth Rollins Vs. Baron Corbin. Now that Corbin is free of GM duties, he is now free to wrestle. On the December 17 episode of RAW, he started to pick a fight with Rollins as he blamed him for losing his job as GM.

(Now this rivalry has a solid foundation, maybe we can let Ambrose pick on someone else also…)

This was a pretty decent back and forth match, and after a lot of give and take, Rollins gave the stomp and the match was over.

Enjoy the spoilers – Happy Holidays !








RAW Christmas Eve Spoilers.
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