Declaration of Failure

Declaration of Failure

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Over the week, we have witnessed a lot of the McMahon’s on TV.

They were trying hard to look like responsible adults giving an example of leadership. Talking about taking responsibility and commitment to giving the best entertainment product they can to the WWE Universe. They even gave up the authority to the people – ¬†which sounded Communistic a little!! Then they wanted to paint a smile on the faces of the “unwatched masses” by bringing #BaronCorbin out, humiliating him, making jokes of him, taking the people’s side, and giving him a beating by four other wrestlers plus a wrestler-referee.

An identical twin of a scene everybody’s watched less than twenty four hours before. As if the message wasn’t direct enough on #TLC, or maybe because the McMahon’s weren’t there in the ring the night before to show the world they were responsible for that revolutionary step.

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Baron Corbin is irritating, unlovable, and presses a nerve every time he appears on the screen. Do you know what that means: success as a heel in an era of blurred boundaries between good and bad. Thats a word of truth truth for a guy I’m not a big fan of. So, trying to hold him responsible was “not fair”

I didn’t buy any of that!! What I’ve really seen was a family who was trying to convince their party crowd that their party sucked just because the DJ they hired didn’t bring played the list they’ve chosen. Everything in WWE goes from, to, and through those four icons who were in the middle of the ring. Every 10 year-old fan knows that.

Let me tell you how I have witnessed it:

First of all, families gather in the holiday season, a scene that will emotionally capture the people’s feelings. A lot of hugs and warm welcoming from everybody to everybody.
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Second, a testimony from Stephanie that what happened wasn’t Mr. McMahon’s fault, as he had always told them to listen to the people – something that reminded me of the White House lately. A very strategic move in fact. After all, the old man still has the Fan’s number, and every time he shows up on the screen, the ratings just skyrocket!!

Then the logic committed suicide:

New faces!! Are you kidding me?! WWE has the longest roster since it’s beginning. A long stuffed roster of extraordinary talent and dedication, who work their asses off most of the year. Have The McMahon’s make use of them in any appropriate way?! The answer came loud and clear from The Good Brothers, who haven’t been on SmackDown since August. But no that’s not enough, the Four McMan’s extracted the attractions from other shows to help save a sinking Flagship.

Listening to the people, by bringing long forgotten guys from on the shelf out, and throwing them into the ring with no story to tell, or course to follow. Just that people want to see Tyler Breeze, get him out now. Brilliant for soothing a crying two years baby.

To be honest, I felt sorry for the #WWE that I love over the last week. Mostly, because of the Goosebumps I had watching #BraunStrowman vs Baron Corbin match and how it went. It was spontaneous, unpredicted and symbolic of victory over evil. That’s how wrestling was supposed to be like, and those are the feelings we deserve to experience.


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Declaration of Failure. What WWE is doing wrong with RAW.
Article Name
Declaration of Failure. What WWE is doing wrong with RAW.
Declaration of Failure. What WWE is doing wrong with RAW. RAW IS DOING Horrible and this week did not help. What WWE can do to revamp RAW. Vince McMahon

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