Paige Calls Out Creepy Fans For Taking Pictures Of Her While Asleep.

Paige Calls Out Creepy Fans For Taking Pictures Of Her While Asleep.


There are some STRANGE people out there. Recently, #WWE Superstar Paige had to take to Twitter to talk about people – Taking pictures of her while she slept. WTF? Really? Has everyone lost any and all threads of human decency? #Paige posted this to her Twitter:



Now, she also states, and has stated in the past, she has no real problem of taking pictures with fans – as long as they ask. I think that to be more than reasonable considering some celebs charge you money just to get a pic of them with you on the subway! Look, let’s say you are at a fair distance from said celeb, okay, that is different, but, if that person is close enough to you that you can ASK PERMISSION, why not just ask?

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Taking pictures of people asleep on an airplane?


Yeah, because that doesn’t have “Stalker who lives in his Mother’s basement” written all over it. Even yours truly got in on the conversation….



My advice to you is this: If you run into a celeb and you want a pic or an autograph just be polite –

act like you have some sense about you. Don’t be a jerk, don’t be an ass, don’t be entitled. As long as you are nice, they’ll be nice.





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