Why Does WWE Continue To Slap Fans In The Face?

Why Does WWE Continue To Slap Fans In The Face?


So, I’m sure by now we’ve all heard of what happened at #CrownJewel. No, I didn’t watch, but I definitely heard everything that went down. And my question is what the hell is wrong with them? Lesnar Champion again? Shane McMahon Best in the world? Burying Samoa Joe for so long? And the Old guys main-eventing? Seriously what’s wrong with them? I have to rant about this.


So, let’s start from where this got all screwy. Brock Lesnar is Universal Champion again. Can we start the hashtag #StromanDeservesBetter please? Because what in the world happened here? I listened to Dave Meltzer’s Radio show and he said they didn’t want Stroman to get offense in because it would make it a fair fight. So, hey here’s a thought? How about but the belt on the guy that deserves it. The guy the #WWE Universe been asking for a title reign. You know the people the technically pay your bills? The people you guys say you care so much about? The people that fill your seats? Do you actually care about us? No? Okay cool.

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Then Shane McMahon wins the WWE World Cup to determine the best in the world, but not the best in the world just the best in America because they were all American, but still not the best because he’s seriously not the best and I don’t know what else to think other than this is ridiculous.


Samoa Joe lost to AJ Styles again. Self-Explanatory.

Then you have the old guys main event your show. This match was funny as hell. Any family guy watchers? You know when Mr. Herbert fought Lt. Schlechtnacht. Yeah just think about that when you remember this match. Freaking hilarious. Shawn did impress me a bit here. Still had some moves going on, except for when he did that moonsault which wasn’t entirely his fault. Still shouldn’t have main evented. Isn’t that spot supposed to be for your main championship? Because that’s what I grew up watching. Not for a bunch of old guys playing let’s relive the glory days.

Seriously why do they continue to slap us in our face like this. I just really don’t get it.





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Why Does WWE Continue To Slap Fans In The Face?
Article Name
Why Does WWE Continue To Slap Fans In The Face?
Why Does WWE Continue To Slap Fans In The Face? Vince McMahon is out of touch with todays pro wrestling fan. WWE major fail at crown jewel

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