What Was Crown Jewel’s Attendance?

What Was Crown Jewel’s Attendance ?


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As I wrote last month in my article, “WWE Numbers Are WAY OFF” (Which you can read HERE) I mentioned the fact that WWE likes to inflate the numbers of the amount of people in attendance at their PPV events, as well as their RAW and SmackDown events. Now, originally for Crown Jewel, it was going to be held at King Fahd International Stadium which has a capacity for about 62,000 plus people.

WWE then moved the event to King Saud University Stadium, which has a capacity for only about 25,000 people – big difference. That is roughly 40,000 LESS people. And they haven’t said why they decided to make that change.

NOW – onto the attendance for #CrownJewel – They won’t release those numbers.

BUT, what we do know is that Michael Cole said repeatedly that “We are sold out tonight at the King Saud University Stadium…” So, that tells me at least anywhere from 20,000 to 25,000 people were there. If and when more information on this story is released, we here at Rumbling Rumors will keep you posted.

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What Was Crown Jewel’s Attendance?
Article Name
What Was Crown Jewel’s Attendance?
What Was Crown Jewel’s Attendance? Was the crowd sold out at Saudi Arabia WWE Crown Jewel event? How many people showed up to WWE Crown Jewel?

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