What My Mom Said About Pro-Wrestling and Why It Shut Me Up.

What My Mom Said About Pro-Wrestling and Why It Shut Me Up.


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So, I had a pretty nice conversion with my mom about wrestling. I asked her why she doesn’t like wrestling and she said it’s because they’ve pretended that it was real for so long, they played everyone for a fool when it was found out to be predetermined and scripted. We had a really long talk about trying to make her see why I like it so much because of the stories and athleticism. Her counter was from what she has seem from #WWE talent it makes them seem like fools and jokes and she doesn’t like it. Kind of shut me up a little bit there honestly.


Now I like WWE and its talent, but there are some days where it seems like the talent are set up to look like jokes. Not all of them, but there’s always been some star that was the joke of the show. I like my share of comedy I like to laugh as much as the next guy so it’s okay with me. There are some segments I can do without. Like recently on #SmackdownLive the Thanksgiving Feast Fight. For me it isn’t the greatest seeing the tag champions being taken as a joke. Especially when Fox is asking them to provide more sports like content.

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I live by the theory that if you want to introduce someone to wrestling you shouldn’t show them WWE first. When I had the talk with my mom, I showed her WWE Survivor Series 2018, NXT Takeover War Games, #NJPW Power Struggle and All In. I was kind of surprised she sat there to watch them, but she did. Now my favorite of these was Power Struggle. Hers was #NXT Takeover. She stated if it was just like that, fighting and no comedy or weird segments then she’d get into it. I think that’s what most people think. Too much comedy not enough realism.

My question to myself from all of this was does the comedy stuff hinder #WWE?

I’m not entirely sure. Sometimes the comedy is seriously funny and other times it’s just… no. Like when Drake Maverick wet himself. It’s that kind of stuff that makes the stars look like jokes I don’t like. It isn’t needed when the athletes are good enough to draw us in themselves. So, it’s a weird thing when you talk about the comedy WWE because sometimes, they are good at that. And most of the time you get the weird stuff that I can’t honestly watch.

With the switch to Fox and asking for more sports like content I’m not sure how much comedy we will be seeing from WWE. I can honestly do without. There’s enough talent to just put on fights and grudge feuds there would be no need for comedy really. And maybe I can get my mom to watch it too. Never know.






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What My Mom Said About Pro-Wrestling and Why It Shut Me Up.
Article Name
What My Mom Said About Pro-Wrestling and Why It Shut Me Up.
What My Mom Said About Pro-Wrestling and Why It Shut Me Up. What My mom made me change what i thought about the current wrestling product.

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