What Is Creative Doing With Nia Jax?

What Is Creative Doing With Nia Jax?


I don’t understand what WWE wants to do with #NiaJax. They’ve been flipping the script on her since that failed romance plot with Enzo Amore, and its kind of annoying. It seemed creative got her right for Wrestlemania, but they very quickly threw all momentum out the window with that.

Lately Ember Moon, Tamina, and Jax have all had a weird frenemy triangle going on. To be fair, this is making babyface Ember look terrific. I seriously love her, and I want to see her dethrone Ronda Rousey. The matches between Tamina, Jax, and Ember have all been fantastic and plain fun to watch.

But from week to week it’s clear creative doesn’t know what to do with Jax, especially compared to #Tamina, who is a great, clear cut heel. Jax could play both heel and face, but with no solid storylines or any real direction, her character falls flat. Her partnership with Tamina is still odd, but I have a feeling the two will probably land some tag team titles soon (possibly at Survivor Series, I can dream).

Frankly I’d rather see the two go against each other in a long, drawn out feud. They’re both dominate powerhouses, and could really give the women’s roster a much needed shakeup. Jax could be the powerful, irresistible force, with Tamina trying to take her down. But I don’t write for WWE, so I guess I’ll just dream about what could be.




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What Is Creative Doing With Nia Jax?
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What Is Creative Doing With Nia Jax?
What Is Creative Doing With Nia Jax? WWE Superstar NIA JAX. WWE Superstar Nia Jax and Tamnia current tag-team. Nia Jax creative direction

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