What I would do if I were in control of WWE

What I would do if I were in control of WWE

Recently, a survey went out to WWE fans asking what they would do differently if they were in charge of WWE. I’m sure there were some excellent answers, and some people on my Facebook had some solid ideas. Now, I didn’t get the survey. Not a big deal, I’m not that special. But it made me think–what would I do if I were in charge?

For starters I’d take the RAW Women’s Title off of #RondaRousey and put it on Mickie James, Ember Moon, or Dana Brooke. All of these women have paid their dues and have shown they have real, cultivated talent. I would also turn Asuka heel, and have her wreck complete havoc on SmackDown. Then after she took down everyone, stick her back on RAW. As far as everyone’s “favorite” facebreaker Nia Jax–have her wrestle some of the men’s roster.

Next, I’d give #FinnBalor the United States Championship. I know, I know, he’s not on SmackDown! The title is on Shinsuke Nakamura! Switch the two. Put Nakamura on #RAW, bring Balor to #SmackDownLive. Have him team up with AJ Styles, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows. Rename them something other than Balor Club, turn them all heel, and go wild with the Bullet Club alumni.

Get rid of Lio Rush. Bobby Lashley can stay as a heel, but for the love of everything good, just get rid of Rush. Demote #BaronCorbin back to the mid card. #AlexaBliss would make a fantastic RAW GM, and would be great opposite Paige. I would also stop pushing Brock Lesnar as whatever champ Vince has a thing for, and make each title visible and important. No more part timers.

I think my biggest change would be to make RAW one hour shorter, and move pay per views to Saturday evening. I don’t think any of my ideas are bad either, but what do you think? If you were in charge, what would you do?




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What I would do if I were in control of WWE.
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What I would do if I were in control of WWE.
What I would do if I were in control of WWE. What WWE should do today to fix the product. How to fix WWEs current product.

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