What Happened to The B-Team?

What Happened to The B-Team?


The last time we heard or saw the B-Team in action was back on October 1, 2018

What happened?


One minute they were doing great, fans loved them, their merchandise was booming and they were all over Monday Night RAW The next minute, they were gone-ish. Since then, they have been doing nothing but house shows.


They went from the top of the mountain to house shows? They make brief appearances on RAW, like when the whole locker room comes out, etc. But, they haven’t had any matches. #BoDallas and #CurtisAxel are a great tag team that, for some reason has been hung out to dry.

And let’s face it, the Monday Night #RAW tag team division is getting pretty boring. It is a sad day when Smackdown has more of an interesting storyline with their tag teams than RAW does. The only theory I have about this is that WWE Creative is waiting for Bray Wyatt (Bo’s Brother) to return so they can have some sort of feud with the #BTeamThat would be nice and is a nice thought, but, let’s just hope that is what is happening.

Let’s just all sit back and Bo-lieve !




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What Happened to The B-Team?
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What Happened to The B-Team?
What Happened to The B-Team? WWE The B Team missing from TV. Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel not on WWE TV anymore. WWE TV BTEAM UPDATE

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