NXT Takeover War 2 Games Review: Grades

NXT Takeover War 2 Games Review: Grades


If you ever want to introduce someone who has never seen wrestling into wrestling, #NXT is what you need to show them. It seems like the conversation is always “is this the best takeover?” every time an NXT takeover comes on. Last night’s takeover showed that NXT has better content than WWE. Let’s go through the whole card to see what happened.


The first match was an in prompt to match between Matt Riddle and Kassius Ohno where Riddle beat Ohno in 5 seconds. It was funny and all, but it could’ve waited till Wednesday night for this to happen. I won’t grade this.


NXT Women’s Championship Match: Shayna Baszler Vs. Kairi Sane

I’d say this was a proper start to a the PPV. I know many people aren’t happy with the MMA 4 horse women interfering, but I liked it honestly. It makes sense to Shayna’s character. And it got Io Shirai and #DakotaKai in the event so the more the merrier. As for the match itself it had some good spots. The DDT on to the apron was pretty awesome. A few near falls until Sane tries to attempt an elbow off the top rope then Baszler reverses it into a pin fall and gets the victory. This match was good, but it felt a little rushed. I wish they had more time but with the time they had the match delivered.

Grade: B-

Aleister Black Vs. Johnny Gargano

This match was great storytelling by both parties. Johnny was playing his heel character great playing on him thinking he did nothing wrong and the crowd still loves him. And Aleister is Aleister. He’s so great at what he does. And this match showed it off. The story was pretty much each guy had an answer for what the other guy was doing. This is a match you just have to go and watch to understand how great it was. In the end Aleister Black took the victory with a pair of Black Masses. A great way to end a great match

Grade: A+


NXT Championship Match: Tommaso Ciampa Vs. Velveteen Dream

Once again great storytelling in a great match. Tommaso has this whole “My Precious” thing going on and makes the story compelling. And Dream was ready to take the spotlight dressed up as Hollywood Hogan. Great Back and forth action and the near falls were ever so present in this match. The final saw Dream try to hit his finisher on #TommasoCiampa missing landing on the floor. As Dream crawls back into the ring Ciampa takes him and hits him with a DDT on to the steele in the middle of the 2 rings and pin him for the win.

Grade: A


War Games Match: The Undisputed Era Vs. Pete Dunne, Ricochet and the War Raiders

Risk taking. Brutality. Action pact. All words to describe this match. Way too many spots to highlight here. One spot I will is when #Ricochet hits a moonsault with 2 flips off the top off the top of the cage. I’m sure we all seen it by now. This match was long, but it kept my interest throughout the whole thing. I advise everyone just go watch this if you haven’t.

Grade: A


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NXT Takeover War 2 Games Review: Grades.
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NXT Takeover War 2 Games Review: Grades.
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