Naito says NO to the WWE

Naito says NO to the WWE


Stop the presses and slap yourselves, my numpties, because New Japan Pro Wrestling’s(#NJPW) first Triple Crown Champion Tetsuya #Naito turned down a WWE offer after the Dominion PPV!  He will proudly stay with New Japan Pro Wrestling. Tokyo Sports’ interview with the man himself revealed all:

「考えるまでもないっすよね。少なくとも俺にとっては、この場所(新日プロ)がすでに世界一のリングなわけですから。それは会場に見に来てくれているお客様にとっても同じことなんじゃないんですか? だから俺には何で新日本がやけにWWEに対抗意識を燃やしたり、世界に目を向けようとしているのか分からない。だったら国内の満足度をもっと上げるべきでしょ」


Chris Charlton gives us our English translation:

‘I didn’t even give it thought. This New Japan ring is already the world’s number 1 stage. The fans know this. That’s why I think we should focus on our home crowd before looking international’

And that’s the real deal, guys!  When some of the best in the world (Naito, #KennyOmega, Osprey) are spurning #WWE for the “independent” companies that gave them their come-ups, it widens wrestling for all of us, so I’m glad to hear Naito-san is content and ready to keep thrilling us from the land of the Rising Sun!

Lauren Goodnight thinks you’re all numpties.  



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Naito says NO to the WWE.
Article Name
Naito says NO to the WWE.
Naito says NO to the WWE. NJPW Naito turns down WWE Offer and the internet goes wild. Naito response on WWE offer for a contract.

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