Just Let Braun Strowman Hold RAW Hostage

Just Let Braun Strowman Hold RAW Hostage

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Let’s be real. Monday Night RAW has been rather lacking as of late. Seriously, they’ve been largely forgettable compared to Smackdown. But I do genuinely like the talent on RAW, especially #BraunStrowman.

Now I’ve heard the rumors and such about Strowman bring difficult to work with for various reasons. Personally I like him, he was super nice when I met him. Maybe it was for show, but I’m not gonna argue with a man whose bicep is bigger than my head.

So tonight on RAW we opened with a touching tribute for Veterans Day. Lovely. Then we switch to a tag team free for all, which was then broken up by Braun Strowman. Strowman claimed to be taking RAW hostage, which brought out Stephanie McMahon. Then Ronda Rousey joins in. Then Baron Corbin follows. Why was Rousey there? I don’t know.

Look, it was a hot mess after the tribute. There was no reason for Rousey to come out, but Corbin at least has a storyline with Strowman. But creatives gonna create, and they created a weird mess of an opening.

Personally I would have just ran with Strowman holding the show hostage. Have him sit in the middle of the ring while matches go on. Just think of how weird and funny it would be. But it didn’t happen, because creative hates me.




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Just Let Braun Strowman Hold RAW Hostage.
Article Name
Just Let Braun Strowman Hold RAW Hostage.
Just Let Braun Strowman Hold RAW Hostage. What happened on Monday Night Raw Novemeber 12th 2018. What WWE Should have done on RAW.

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