Jim Ross’ Contract Controversy

Jim Ross’ Contract Controversy


Everyone knows and loves good ole JR!

Well, this article is going to describe what and how #WWE did to make JRA’s contact(s) more complicated than they should have been.

Let’s go back to the contract signing of 2017. Now for those of you who remember, WWE hired and fired and rehired JR A LOT. So, in 2017, JR was signed to AXS TV until the end of 2017, so when WWE signed JR, the provision that was written into it was JR would be working for WWE, but, also be able to finish out his contract with AXS TV.

Now, with exception to the 2017 Mae Young Classic and the 2017 UK tournament, WWE didn’t really use JR. In the same breath, WWE gave JR the permission he needed to sign on with AXS TV for 2018. With the caveat that he could not sign with AXS TV for 2019.

NOW – JR’s contract with WWE ends March 31, 2018 and the rumor is that if WWE offers him enough money for a new contract, he may sign with them.

It is looking like JR might sign with AXS TV after his WWE contract is done, or might make some provision with WWE that he be allowed to sign/re-sign with AXS TV. Now, if you are paying attention to the other rumors about #JR, #CodyRhodes and #ChrisJericho starting their own promotion, then JR may not sign anything for anyone.

The Jr, Rhodes and Jericho promotion is/was a lingering rumor, (Those articles you can read

HERE and HERE). If JR does resign with AXS TV, they are a bit more liberal than WWE, so, they may permit him to work for them while developing a new promotion. The fact of the matter is WWE signed JR so that way he couldn’t (really) work for other promotions. The logic being, if he is signed with us, he can’t sign with anyone else. The proof of this is the fact that since 2017, WWE hasn’t used JR in much, he wasn’t even at the Smackdown 1000 episode.

As always, we here at Rumbling Rumors will keep an eye on this story as it develops.

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Jim Ross’ Contract Controversy.
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Jim Ross’ Contract Controversy.
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