James Ellsworth Involved in Nude Picture Scandal With A Minor (Photos).

James Ellsworth Involved in Nude Picture Scandal With A Minor (Photos).


James Morris AKA James Ellsworth has a big legal problem.

A female minor, who in this article SHALL not be named, although other dirt sheets are naming her, has publicly accused #JamesEllsworth of sending her nudes and semi-nude photos that she DID NOT request.

There are screen shots of these Tweets and Snapchats, but, the names have been deleted due to the fact that the accuser is a minor; also, those who have responded to her have been edited out. The girl in question is 16 years old. She is a huge wrestling fan and an aspiring wrestler herself. On her Twitter & Snapchat, she is friends with many wrestlers, both male and female, famous and indie, etc.

There are pictures of her with people such as Alexa Bliss, Dolph Ziggler, etc. So, we can pretty much establish she is, at the very least a zealous fan. All, if not most of this, transpired between November 15-16, 2018 The Tweets/Snaps are mostly dated (if dated at all) on the 16th

Here is the first Tweet – Pics of #Ellsworth; The naughtiness has been blacked out.

This is a group of the three pics published.



This one is a bit more explicit.



She then sent out a mass Tweet/Snap to some others; media, etc.



As I said, with most of these the names are taken out, the other sheets have not taken them out, but, due to the fact that a minor is involved, I felt it in better taste to not name her.

After she sent out this Tweet/Snap, she got a response from a ‘Female Wrestler’ who knows of these problems involving Ellsworth as this is apparently a reoccurring theme:


Now, the next Tweet/Snap is interesting in the sense that the ‘Female Wrestler’ is slightly implied to be Carmella. In the same Tweet/Snap, it is implied that the minor female is happy she has some “dirt” on a wrestler.



Judging by the emoji’s (laughing face & Skull) it is hard to tell if she is offended or amused.

This following Tweet/Snap is from some people going with the typical “Blame the Victim” statements.

As I said, names have been deleted.



Suggesting that by friending someone on any social media is “Asking for it” is not only idiotic, but, moronic. “Personal Life Info” does not automatically involve nude pics.

I share my birthday, pictures of the snow outside, pictures of my family. NO WHERE does it state in the terms of service that I HAVE TO post nude pics. Once all of this hit the media, Ellsworth’s attorney posted this statement via Ellsworth’s Twitter:



Did you catch that? As the saying goes, “The Devil is in The Details.”


“…A Number of Baseless Allegations.”


“Denies These Inflammatory and Despicable Accusations.”


Both of those “S” would imply plural…as in more than one. From what I have read, the only allegation/accusation is that he sent nude/semi-nude photos to a minor. Is there more going on than meets the eye?


Shutting Down The Trolls

There would/could only be one of two motivations for this young Lady to make these claims public.


1) Publicity Stunt:


Let us say this is a stunt for Ellsworth to get his name in the news. This would be the least desirable way to do so.


Let us say that this aspiring young Lady is trying to get her name in the media for her wrestling fame or to get her 15 minutes of fame – again, not the best way to do it.

So, I am going to assume that neither one is dumb enough to use this as a publicity stunt.


2) It’s The Truth.


This is not unheard of.

Rock stars have been doing this for decades; using their fame to impress young Girls, seduce young Girls, etc.

All I have to do is cite the rock band KISS whose main two members (Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons) claim to have had sex with thousands of “Young Ladies”

And let’s face it, the pictures of Ellsworth are pretty damning.


In Closing


I cannot stress this enough:

Just because you have a female friend on social media, does NOT mean she wants to see your junk. If she does, then she’d ask. If she doesn’t ask, she probably doesn’t want to see it. You don’t need an 8th grade education to understand that –






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James Ellsworth Involved in Nude Picture Scandal With A Minor (Photos).
Article Name
James Ellsworth Involved in Nude Picture Scandal With A Minor (Photos).
James Ellsworth Involved in Nude Picture Scandal With A Minor (Photos). WWE Superstar James Ellsworth involced in scandal with 16 year old

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