Is Mandy Rose a Glorified Jobber?

Is Mandy Rose a Glorified Jobber?

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Amanda Rose Saccomanno better known as #MandyRose started her WWE career on the reality show, “Tough Enough”. Rose was on the sixth season of the show and had – one match with Alicia Fox which she lost. And STILL came in second place. Rose was signed to a five-year contract with WWE and was then placed on NXT in January of 2016, where she stayed for the rest of the year and a majority of 2017. So, she had one singles match, which she lost, and received a five-year deal?


In 2016 she had 69 matches, 55 of which she lost. In late 2017, she made her way up to the main roster of RAW, joining Paige and #SonyaDeville where they attack Sasha “The Boss” Banks, Bayley, Mickie James, and Alexa Bliss. Rose, Deville and Paige were supposed to be billed as the female equivalent of The SHIELD. Calling themselves, “Absolution”, they were on their way to be a force to be reckoned with.

Only lasting (roughly) a month, Paige had to retire from in ring action due to an injury.That left Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose as a tag team, and Paige returning as the GM of SmackDown. So, let’s review – from 2015-2018, Mandy Rose fought in 219 matches. 41 of those matches she won. With her pairing with Sonya Deville, Rose pretty much stays in the corner and makes Corey Graves drool. Granted, as of late, they have been trying to develop her character more and more each week. But, I simply ask this: Why did it take 3 years to develop her character?

WWE Creative has had opportunity after opportunity to develop her character and they have ditched those opportunities favoring sexy over substance. Sadly, a majority of her WWE run has been as a pin-up girl and not a wrestling performer. The byproduct of this is that by holding back Mandy Rose, they held back Sonya Deville. The best thing #WWE Creative can do for her and Sonya Deville is split them up, turn Sonya Babyface and turn Rose Heel. But, as of now, Rose loses 80% of the time.

WWE Creative should have been on this earlier. The biggest no-brainer of the whole thing is that when Paige had to retire is when they REALLY should have stepped up and started to develop many and Sonya so that way, down the road, they could have the option to write separate storylines for either woman if the occasion called for it.

What do you think?

If you failed at your job 80% of the time, do you think you’d still have a job?






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Is Mandy Rose a Glorified Jobber?
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Is Mandy Rose a Glorified Jobber?
Is Mandy Rose a Glorified Jobber? WWE Mandy Rose a Jobber? Mandy Rose in WWE and how she is being used. Is Mandy Rose being used as a Jobber?

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