How WWE Crown Jewel FAILED

How WWE Crown Jewel FAILED


First of all, what is this crap about a ‘World Cup Tournament’ ?

I understand that they may have plans to turn Shane to a Heel, but, did you have to throw a ‘World Cup’ to do it? Are there not that many creative people in #WWE Creative? Anyways, I am going to ignore this whole ‘World Cup’ thing aside from saying The Miz got ‘Injured’ (Which he didn’t) so Shane-O-Mac could take his place and be the winner…

By the way – Spoiler alert.

The Miz was ‘injured’ so that way Shane (The SmackDown Live Commissioner) could take his place, win and then turn Heel on SmackDown.

They needed a PPV for that?


How Crown Jewel FAILED


Many people are speculating that Shane turning Heel will have something to do with the upcoming Survivor Series, where it becomes RAW Vs SmackDown.

Baron Corbin, the Monday Night RAW GM is now all kinds of cheesed off that Shane McMahon “Inserted himself” into the match – this is obviously a set-up for heat between Corbin & McMahon that will not doubt build up until Survivor Series. You can see the rest of the interview below.


Then came the Samoa Joe Vs AJ Styles….AGAIN…

This old chestnut is getting dug up for this PPV, Yes ! and here is why. The match was supposed to be #DanielBryan V AJ Styles, but, Bryan did not go to Saudi Arabia for #CrownJewel. Despite the reports that it had something to do with the politics, it didn’t. He apparently had requested time off a while back…It’s a whole big thing, but, anyway, on SmackDown, they took care of this and had Bryan V Styles, Styles won and then was ready to move on to Samoa Joe

BIG SHOCK – AJ Styles won…


So, after about 3 hours of something that DIDN’T NEED to be a PPV in the first place, the meat and potatoes of the whole thing finally showed up – The Brothers of Destruction Vs. DX Now, I know, I am going to get a lot of heat for saying what I am about to say:

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This match was SAD. It just seemed to me that Shawn “HBK” Michaels is or was going thru some sort of midlife crisis, and this is how he was going to fix it. Triple H just needed to show off and be the center of attention – AGAIN.

The Undertaker and Kane pretty much did it for the money, and there is no shame in that. Mayors don’t make much, ya know?

Triple H & HBK were NOT in ring shape at all. Triple H had man-boobs…and not the body building kind. HBK looked like he had been to the gym maybe once or twice a week since this thing was announced. Kane, who is the Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee was in awesome shape – for a Mayor.

And The Undertaker was #TheUndertaker.

So, for about 40 minutes, these four men went back and forth and BIG SHOCK – The Boss’ team won! But, #TripleH might have bitten off more than he can chew as he is not on the injured list. He now has a torn pectoral muscle on his right side. (If you pay attention during the match, he is favoring his right side.) Now, this kind of injury can take someone out for anywhere from 5-10 months.

Overall, I didn’t see this as a PPV, to me, this just reminded me of how much I miss WCW, this was an episode of Monday Nitro for them.

The Boss (#VinceMcMahon) his Son won, his Son-in-law won…This was just Vince showing off to not only the Saudis, but, the world… Yes, we get it, you are powerful and mighty…. Now, hire some people in creative who know what they are doing.





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How WWE Crown Jewel FAILED.
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How WWE Crown Jewel FAILED.
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