How To Fix The WWE Tag Team Division.

How To Fix The WWE Tag Team Division.

Seriously what was that tag team match on Monday night. We can all agree that AoP and Gable/Roode are good enough performers that they don’t need what happened during their match on Monday to happen. And for some odd reason the guys in their suits and collars think that was actually needed for whatever reason. This is the kind of thing I really hate from WWE. This is the reason why people thing the Tag Team division is in serious jeopardy.

So much great talent and you succumb to your Raw tag champs winning because dude got his robe pissed on. Shoot me in the face! How do you save this division? Here’s a few things I think should be done.

Well for starters stop putting them on the pre-show. Not just the championships, but all tag teams. This is what I mean by we can tell when #WWE actually cares about something compared to when they either don’t know what to do, forgotten about it, or just don’t care. Put them on the main card and give them actual time to show off in front of the entire audience and not just people that are trickling in.

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Give them proper feuds. There’s no reason why The #NewDay and The #Usos are the only team with an actual feud. There’s so much to do with the teams that are there. If you can write them well, the teams can perform them excellent. Now you can argue that there really aren’t enough teams on the roster to do this, and I’d agree. Still doesn’t mean a great story can’t be told with what is had already. The Revival’s a top team on the roster and don’t deserve to be jobbed out week in and week out. Which brings me to the next point.


Give the Revival the push they deserve. I know it’s just one tag team, but honestly it could be a major change to the division. These guys put in the work that is deserving of a title reign and could be the ones to de-throne #AoP as champs. There are no other teams I’d rather see as champs on #Raw than the Revival honestly.

These aren’t all my ideas for the division. I think Tag Team Tournaments could be good for the division as well as open challenges. This can put on good matches and also start good feuds too. Another thing is they seriously have to find more tag teams. I don’t work for WWE and I don’t scout wrestlers, so I don’t know how hard that is, but it is in serious need of talent. Not that the talent they have aren’t good already they just need more competition. A lot more.





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How To Fix The WWE Tag Team Division.
How To Fix The WWE Tag Team Division. What WWE is doing wrong with the tag team division and how they can fix its current state.

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