Evolution? More Like an EDIT-lution. WWE Edits Women Out.

Evolution? More Like an EDIT-lution


The WWE just kind of proved a point I made about how #Evolution was a make-up gift for the Women of WWE, but, it was a preemptive one.

I said – A LONG TIME AGO, that #Evolution was part of a make-up gift as the Women were not going to be performing in Saudi Arabia. Now, for those of you who remember the “Greatest Royal Rumble”, during one of their video promotions, they (The WWE) shown a Woman in one of the promo packets, and the Saudis lost their minds.

Well, WWE remembered that and this time around at Crown Jewel, they edited out ALL WOMEN from ALL OF THE VIDEO PACKETS.

You can watch the comparisons below, (with much and many thanks to David Bixenspan)

Notice the difference?

I know right? Anyways, I have a solution to this. Now, before you go all kinds of SJW on me I want you to hear me out… Now that we know that WWE is comfortable with an ALL Women PPV, what we do is this: During the next all Women PPV, we edit out ALL of the Men from the video packets. Let’s make it all about a tit-for-tat kind of thing….

You didn’t show Charlotte, we won’t show AJ, etc….I mean, if we are gonna get serious, let’s get serious.  The video that Mr. Bixenspan uses as an example is flabbergasting. An ad for #WrestleMania, the grandest stage of them all, and you are going to edit ALL of the Women out of it? Are you mad? This next WrestleMania is going to have more Female Super Stars than ever and you want to shortchange them?

“Uh, yeah, Vince, let’s take all of our biggest selling points and completely edit them all out.”






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Evolution? More Like an EDIT-lution. WWE Edits Women Out.
Article Name
Evolution? More Like an EDIT-lution. WWE Edits Women Out.
Evolution? More Like an EDIT-lution. WWE Edits Women Out. WWE Edits women out of PPV package following Saudia Arabia Crown Jewel
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