Everyone Remember The United States Championship?

Everyone remember the United States Championship?

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Everyone remember the #UnitedStatesChampionship? Everyone remember Shinsuke was champion? Anyone care? Me either. They really messed this championship up didn’t they?

Seems like they’re starting that trend with the Intercontinental Championship. If you ask me, and I advise you not to because I get upset about these things, they should care about the mid-card belts more than the main belts. Those belts were the reason I stayed watching. Never actually cared about the main belts, buts that’s just me. So why is it that the United States title just doesn’t matter? Here are my theories, and they all tie into each other.


Theory #1: They have no idea how to book.

This comes up a lot. #WWE no longer knows how to book. I don’t think that’s entirely true. They know how to book they want to book. Something they actually care to book. They spent so much energy on the Universal Championship and every other belt felt like filler. The WWE Championship hasn’t main evented a PPV since when exactly. I don’t remember. And that’s the belt that actually gets defended every Pay Per View. Ridiculous. And the US belt matches are just weird and thrown together. Which brings me to my next point


Theory #2: They don’t care about the belt.

This is the theory I believe the most. They bounce the belt around because “oh yeah we have to do something with that right”. Something I really hated was when Randy Orton was trying to become US Champion and his reasoning was “I want to be grand slam champion”. So, you don’t actually care about the belt. You just want to have a cool nickname. Maybe I over reacted to that, but this belt is supposed to mean something. Then you just bounce it around like it’s expendable. It’s not a game of Hop Potato, It’s a championship. Sucks to be champion, I guess.

Theory #3: They’re getting rid of the belt.

This is the reason I wouldn’t be surprised if they do. I mean we barely see Shinsuke, and when we do, he doesn’t defend the belt. Just another match. A good match yes, but not what it should be. Even when he does defend the belt it seems like it’s a random match that was just thrown together. There is no reason the US Championship was defended at the pre-show of Crown Jewel. That just shows me you don’t care about the belt or the people you put it on. And not caring means soon it won’t even be a thought.

Now these are just theories and don’t mean anything because I don’t work for WWE. So, if I’m being honest, I’d rather see the belt gone for a while. It just doesn’t matter anymore and there’s already too many championships in WWE now. Maybe have the IC belt go back and forth from Raw and SD. I’m probably in the minority with that idea, but it’s honestly what I want to see. Or maybe unify the belts? Maybe? I don’t know just make this important again.

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Everyone Remember The United States Championship?
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Everyone Remember The United States Championship?
Everyone Remember The United States Championship? WWE United States Championship. WWE US Champ and the belts future. WWE Champ

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