Ambrose V Rollins for TLC?

Ambrose V Rollins for TLC?


As of late, the Lunatic Fringe has been acting quite erratic.

Now, the original plans WERE for Ambrose to turn Heel, but, because of the announcement of #RomanReigns and his fight against Leukemia, #WWE was forced to bump up the time table. Reigns WAS supposed to win/retain the Universal Championship at Crown Jewel, but once he was out, WWE Creative went scrambling. Pushing up time tables, making enemies for others out of thin air, etc.


So, now #Rollins and Ambrose are going at it-ish… 

There is no real storyline about WHY #DeanAmbrose is attacking #SethRollins, so, my theory is this: They are going to drag it out until TLC in December. I don’t see them having any real momentum at #SurvivorSeries, unless they make it a cage match – that kind of thing. If they do, then they will have to explain how and why Ambrose is the way he is, etc.

That, is NOT WWE’s style – they like to drag things out, make things confusing and then have the big reveal.

(Like The Big Show and The Bar, The Miz and Shane McMahon, etc.)

So, if they are going t drag this out and make it a bigger match, then I don’t see it coming to a head until #TLC.

What about you? What are your thoughts?

Please leave them in the comment section below !

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Ambrose V Rollins for TLC ?
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Ambrose V Rollins for TLC ?
Ambrose V Rollins for TLC? Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins at TLC? Survivor Series Dean Ambrose Seth Rollins. The Shield fight TLC Survivor Series

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