Alexa Bliss is Down but Not Out

Alexa Bliss is Down but Not Out


Alexa Bliss has been having her share of trouble lately.

Last month, we reported on her not being cleared for Evolution due to a concussion, (Which you can read HERE)

Well, WWE Doctors have found that she has suffered more than one concussion; several mini-concussions over a short period of time. For those of you who don’t know what a concussion is, it is simply summarized as this: 

The soft tissue of the brain collides violently with the skull, causing a bruise.

With a mini concussion or mild concussion, it is the same effect, but, the person who has it, doesn’t know they have it.

With a full on concussion, one can have black eyes; as if they were punched, severe migraine headaches, blurred vision, etc. With a mini or mild concussion, the person may not have any of those symptoms.  As it turns out, Doctors found evidence of several mild concussions over a short span of time, and her return to the ring is on hold indefinitely.

There have been many rumors of her retiring, but, #AlexaBliss herself put an end to those rumors on her Twitter account:



Granted, she may not be in ring, but, she obviously has no plans to retire, so, WWE may keep her on the back burner until she is cleared to compete. Most likely they will keep her as they kept Daniel Bryan, who had a similar problem.

What WWE Should Do

If they were smart, they would make her acting GM of RAW, replacing Baron Corbin.

It would not only fit into their stance on the Women’s Evolution, but, it would be a perfect fit storyline wise.

Also, it would get Corbin back in the ring and open up a whole new set of storylines for his character.

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Alexa Bliss is Down but Not Out
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Alexa Bliss is Down but Not Out
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