5 Things WWE Is Doing Right In 2018.


#1 NXT:

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Triple H is seriously doing great with NXT. The takeovers are great. The talent is fantastic and it’s great storytelling. It feels less like a developmental show and more like what a main roster show should feel like. Almost to the point I start asking if some of the main roster can get called to NXT. The content is great.

Now with #NXTUK coming into the mix I’m sure we’ll be getting even more great content form HHH and the staff.

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These are what I like in WWE at the moment. Anything you think I’m missing here? Anything you personally like that they are doing? Love to hear from you. All about the positivity.



Jordan Suarez

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5 Things WWE Is Doing Right In 2018.
Article Name
5 Things WWE Is Doing Right In 2018.
5 Things WWE Is Doing Right In 2018. Top 5 things right with World Wrestling Entertainment. 5 things WWE has done right this year.
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