Why Indie Wrestling Is Beating WWE.

Why Indie Wrestling Is Beating WWE.


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Recently I’ve listened to Chris Jericho’s “Talk is Jericho” podcast where he had #DaveMeltzer of the “Wrestling Observer” over to discuss a multitude of topics. During one of those topics saw them reminisce on when Impact Wrestling, then TNA, tried to recreate the Monday Night Wars with WWE. For those who don’t know the Monday Night Wars took place 1995 and officially ended in 2001. This was when WCW owner Ted Turner and Executive Vice President Eric Bischoff decided to go head to head with #WWE, then WWF, owner Vince McMahon. Airing on the same day and same time the two went head to head in a ratings war.

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Now I’m not going to spend time talking about that, but I do advise you if you haven’t to go check out the “Monday Night Wars” series on the WWE Network. I’m also not going to talk about #Impact trying and failing at this task. I want to talk about Vince’s reaction to TNAs attempt. On the podcast Jericho quotes Vince saying “take me out of the equation.

You can’t compete with the WWE. It’s too much of a machine, too much of a brand, it’s just the way it is” Jericho goes on to explain how he’s right saying “I believe that WWE has now become entrenched in America, pop culture, and the world. It’s not going anywhere”. While this was true, I wouldn’t say that’s the case anymore.

The WWE is at the top of the charts right now. High in stocks. Moving tv networks for a billion dollars. No, they will not be going anywhere for a long time. Now this whole “you can’t compete with the WWE” thing. I’m calling BS. The independent scene right now is doing amazing things.  If you ask me what’s so great about it, it’s because “wrestling is for everyone”. One thing I got really upset at as a wrestling fan is Vince McMahon not allowing WWE talent to go on the Jericho Cruise.

He also didn’t allow them at All In if I’m not mistaken. I get WWE is a brand and whatever other excuse you tell yourself to justify this decision, but as a fan, wrestling is my brand. I don’t care about your contracts, your exclusivity or whatever. When you don’t allow your talent to interact with other promotions because of your “brand”, it’s insulting.

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Maybe it’s the PG thing. Maybe their ego is too big. Maybe they actually think their better, they’re not BTW. I say that because now the indies are coming together and giving us great content and giving top notch wrestling. It doesn’t seem stale or repetitive and get boring fast. And not only is the content good, they are working together to give us fresh ideas and bring the talent that we want to see together for the dream matches we always talk about.

I don’t hate WWE, I still watch it obviously. What brings me in is the talent, but you need to do something more with the talent rather than keep them in the box you have.


The rating wars will probably never happen again. Especially being in a generation where ratings don’t matter with all the streaming services and being you can record anything and watch it whenever you want. I don’t have cable, so I wait for the highlights or watch online. And “content wars” just doesn’t sound as cool, but the competition is out there. It’s pretty much Everyone vs WWE. I’d personally rather they all work together and deliver content we can seriously enjoy.

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Why Indie Wrestling Is Beating WWE.
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Why Indie Wrestling Is Beating WWE.
Why Indie Wrestling Is Beating WWE. WWE Getting beat by indie wrestling. Indie wrestling becoming super popular and how WWE is trailing behind.

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