Was It Jetlag? A Super Show-Down Summary

Was It Jetlag?
A Super Show-Down Summary


The Super Show-Down was not as “Super” as I was hoping for.

To make matters worse, it just seemed that all of the super stars were just phoning the matches in.

From the get go, in the first match (The Bar Vs. New day), Sheamus seemed like he was bored or forgot to turn off the kettle before he left the hotel or something…

The Flair Vs. Lynch match, Flair seemed as if since she knew she was going to lose anyway, she was just kind of there. She was either over selling or under selling the whole match.
#BeckyLynch was just being Becky and doing her thing.

The Lashley/Cena Vs. Elias and Owens thing had its ups and downs.

Firstly, Elias playing “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC was awesome. Owens then mumbled something about the Show-Down should have been in Canada and that is when they lost the crowd.

Lashley comes out, kind of introduces John Cena who not only has new merch, but, he has hair !
The thing that struck me about Cena wasn’t the hair, it was the fact that with all the talk of him “Bulking up” he looked smaller…His pecks where almost not even there.

Lashley did ALL of the wrestling, Cena was in the ring for 41 seconds…Not even a minute.
Cena was, on the other hand, on the mic for a minute and a half.

So, Lashley did all the work, got none of the glory and Cena was on the mic for 3 times the amount of time he was in the ring performing.

And what can I say about The IIconics? No, I mean really…What can I say about them?

Peyton WAY over sold the kick from Naomi, acting like a drunk cartoon character…

Asuka and Naomi were off and they are never off. Asuka tried for a missile kick and DIDN’T EVEN TOUCH Billie Kay….

I can’t comment on the AJ Styles Vs Samoa Joe match as I used that time to take a nap…


The Riott Squad Vs. The Bellas and “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey…
Could they make it more obvious that they are thinking about turning the Bellas Heel?

Because it is either that or they are not sure if they want to turn the Bellas or turn Rousey…

Although, Rousey did deliver with the double arm-bar on Morgan and Logan…


#TheSHIELD Vs/ Ziggler, McIntyre and Strowman.

You were that bored too huh? Yeah, everyone was waiting for Ambrose to turn, but, he didn’t…That would have been the most interesting thing about the match…


Miz and Daniel Bryan….The Miz Lost.


#TripleH and The Undertaker…

A match for the ages…blah, blah, blah

Oh look Shawn Michaels and Kane showed up…and it was STILL boring.

Then they all had a group hug and then Kane and taker turned on Michaels and Trips…

Because NO ONE saw that coming….

And what the hell is going on with The Undertaker?

Is Michelle McCool that good of a cook? The Taker was looking way out of shape.

Kane is a politician and he was in better shape than Taker was….

Anyways, that was my review of the Super Show-Down, sorry if it wasn’t as detailed as you may have hoped, but….That is the same way I felt about the Show-Down.



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Was It Jetlag? A Super Show-Down Summary
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Was It Jetlag? A Super Show-Down Summary
Was It Jetlag? A Super Show-Down Summary. WWE Super-Show-Down Review. Super Show Down 2018 review by Gordon Rupe. Undertaker

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