UPDATE on Jim Ross’ NEW Wrestling Promotion


UPDATE on Jim Ross’ NEW Wrestling Promotion


Earlier this past week, I wrote about Jim Ross and a possible NEW wrestling promotion… (You can read that article HERE)

Well, new developments have happened to solidify those claims.


#CodyRhodes, whose name has been mentioned in the new promotion, lost his NWA World Heavyweight Championship to Nick Aldis at the NWA 70th anniversary show on October 21, 2018

He then took to social media to talk about the match and encourage people to keep watching…. He made this statement:

“As I begin a transition to a new role in pro-wrestling…”


And he also said:

“As I continue my remaining dates with the good folks at ROH, I’d like to thank them and The NWA

for allowing me to cross imaginary lines and give the fans something special!”



Now, his statement about, “…transition to a new role…” could reference a few things.

He could be talking about his behind the scenes role that has played such a prominent part in the All In PPV, he was the driving force behind it and there are talks of making more, the second possibly being around Memorial Day and the third possibly being on or around Labor Day.

Another way to look at it could be in regards to this new rumored #JR promotion.


#CodyRhodes is a super-hot name right now, and those who would follow are rumored to be performers like, Rhodes himself, The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, Marty Scrull and Hangman Page just to name a few. Now, keep in mind Rhodes and all of the other performers mentioned have contracts up until January of 2019 – So, we know nothing can happen before that; at least nothing contractually.

As reported, JR, Jericho and a few others have been sending out feelers as the rumors persist about the unhappiness in the locker room over at #WWEThis new promotion would be a construct of a wrestling promotion that gave the wrestlers more of a say in their characters, stories, etc. For those of our readers who are comic book fans, think of it in terms of an Image comics for wrestler

As far as his statement about, “As I continue my remaining dates with the good folks at #ROH…” this could just reference that he is almost done with his dates and or contract…It is an ambiguous statement and could have a few meanings.


So, could ALL of these performers have an interest in this new promotion?

We here at Rumbling Rumors will keep you posted on this story as it updates.




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UPDATE on Jim Ross’ NEW Wrestling Promotion
Article Name
UPDATE on Jim Ross’ NEW Wrestling Promotion
UPDATE on Jim Ross’ NEW Wrestling Promotion. Cody Rhodes could be a major player in Jim Ross's rumored new Wrestling Promotion.

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