Tamina Makes Her Return On Monday Night RAW!

Tamina Makes Her Return On Monday Night RAW!


Last Night on RAW, Nia Jax and #EmberMoon took on Dana Brooke and the returning Tamina.

Tamina has been our due to an injury, so it’s nice to see her back in the ring. The match was unfortunately short than I would have liked, but I was impressed as hell that Tamina pulled off a Samoan Drop on #NiaJax.

I had wanted to see them go head to head for some time, as Jax and Tamina are both power houses. What I got tonight was a nice sample, but I want more. And it looks like WWE may be giving it to me.

Now, there will be a woman’s Royal Rumble in Evolution—which seemed like an afterthought when it was announced tonight—so maybe we’re seeing hints of what to expect. But then again, it looked like Tamina was a clear heel, and Jax the babyface. Especially when both #Tamina and Moon pushed Jax out of the ring. To be fair, Moon then tried to push Tamina out too. Then Brooke pushed Moon out. It was a nice little victory.

Personally I think Moon will remain neutral, but I want more of Tamina and Jax. WWE has potential with this line, and I want it to go places. The RAW women’s division needs some excitement (sorry, the Bella Rousey thing is boring), and I hope this is it.




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Tamina Makes Her Return On Monday Night RAW!
Article Name
Tamina Makes Her Return On Monday Night RAW!
Tamina Makes Her Return On Monday Night RAW! Tamina returns to WWE Raw and takes out NIa Jax with a very impressive Samoan Drop!
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