RAW’s Emotional Follow Up, Was It Worthwhile?

RAW’s Emotional Follow Up, Was It Worthwhile?


It’s been a week in the WWE Universe. After Roman Reigns shocked the world with his announcement, and the overwhelmingly positive response to Evolution, how would tonight’s #RAW opening hold up?

I’ll be upfront. I’ve been on vacation, so I actually missed everything I just mentioned. Thankfully, the internet keeps me up to speed while I’m away.

RAW opened with Baron Corbin being less slimy than usual, talking about what was next for the Universal Championship. Before he can get far, Brock Lesnar and the greatest human to ever hold a mic—Paul Heyman—came out and predictably announced that Lesnar would be taking the title (in a match against Braun Strowman).

Personally I’m not invested in Lesnar. Never have been. Added in with the fact that they’re really just selling the Crown Jewel PPV, and frankly?

The emotional punch of the last week feels voided. I get it. It’s a business and they need to push the product, but wow. What a let down of an opening after one hell of an emotional week. Here’s hoping the rest of the show is better.

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RAW’s Emotional Follow Up, Was It Worthwhile?
Article Name
RAW’s Emotional Follow Up, Was It Worthwhile?
RAW’s Emotional Follow Up, Was It Worthwhile? WWE Raw follow up to Roman Reigns cancer announcement. Raw OCTOBER 29TH 2018 WAS IT GOOD?
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