Paul Heyman Breaks Character

Paul Heyman Breaks Character


On the October 22, 2018 edition of Monday Night RAW, there were plenty of thoughts and emotions, not only from the fans, but, from those in the locker room itself.

One of the most seasoned men in the locker room, not known for his wrestling, but, for his history in the business, Paul Heyman, came out to initially shoot a promo for the Universal championship match at #CrownJewel on November 2, 2018.

Instead, we as fans got a rare insight into the actual person known as #PaulHeymanHeyman came into the middle of the ring, in classic Heyman style and said the following:

“Ladies and gentleman, my name is Paul Heyman and tonight my thoughts and my prayers are with the Champion of a man you know as Roman Reigns.

It is humbling to be amongst the members of that locker room tonight and to have been in the presence of such courage and such greatness.


When I go home tonight and I have to explain all of this to my children; what I want my children to understand about this, this presentation, this business this industry that we all love is what you witnessed tonight as much as you witnessed that courage what you witnessed was sacrifice.”

He then talked about the great sacrifice that Reigns had made by relinquishing the #UniversalChampionship and how much that must have taken from Reigns.  And then it turned into a regular shoot for the Strowman V Lesnar match, which was interrupted by Strowman. Strowman himself made a statement that once Roman was done kicking Leukemia’s a$$, he would be the first in line to get a shot at the belt.


The later part is important as I see it as a partial spoiler and Lesnar WILL NOT win the Championship again.

The meat and potatoes of this article is this:


No matter which superstar you are a fan of, no matter how untouchable or invincible you think they may be, at the end of the day, they are just like you and I.They put their shoes on one at a time, they have bills to pay, they have children to raise and have spouses and families that care about them. #RomanReigns reminded you that he is just a mere human, but, Heyman reminded you that they are ALL human.





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Paul Heyman Breaks Character.
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Paul Heyman Breaks Character.
Paul Heyman Breaks Character. On Monday Night RAW Paul Heyman breaks character as Roman Reigns drops the Universal Title. Crown Jewel Future

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