Now That Ambrose is a Heel…


Now That Ambrose is a Heel…

You know, I hate to be that guy…But, I’m that guy.

I predicted that Ambrose would turn Heel a while back. BUT, I was wrong about them teaming up Strowman and #DeanAmbrose as they were the black sheep of their respective groups…(You can read that article HERE )

With #TheSHIELD temporarily breaking up due to Roman’s Leukemia battle, there is an opening with in the group, that Strowman might fill.

The 2 out of 3 rule still applies. If you are not familiar with my theory, it is this.

In regards to The SHIELD, 2 out of the 3 are usually something like:

2/3 have a belt of some sort (Reigns was Universal Champion; Rollins is Intercontinental Champion.)

2/3 are Babyface (Recently, Reigns and Rollins were Babyface and Ambrose turned Heel)

2/3 are Heels, etc…


(This is a theory I have had for a LONG time and is referenced in many of my articles.)


Now, since Ambrose and Rollins won the Tag Team Belts, AND Ambrose turned Heel, I will be the first one to admit, I am at a loss on all counts as to those plans, but, they could just be last minute due to Reigns announcement.


If I had to guess, I would say that…


Either #SethRollins and #BraunStrowman could team up…

Ambrose and McIntyre could team up…

And the VERY unlikely, Ambrose and Ziggler could team up.

I would think that story wise, it would be wiser to have Ambrose and McIntyre team up as one is a Lunatic and the other a Psychopath – a writer could have fun for DAYS with that !




Now That Dean Ambrose is a Heel…
Article Name
Now That Dean Ambrose is a Heel…
Now That Dean Ambrose has turned heel what will WWE do with him next? Future for Dean Ambrose in WWE after turning heel on seth rollins.
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