No Intergender Wrestling – According to Triple H


No Intergender Wrestling – According to Triple H

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#TripleH recently sat down and had a chat with SBS reporter Manny Tsigas, in that interview he made his stance on intergender wrestling clear.

Trips had this to say:

“There’s just a shock moment and a spectacle to that. Women, female athletes, our women the WWE female Superstars don’t need a man to make them successful in the ring. They don’t need a man to step in the ring with them to make them have a spectacular match.”

Let me address this first.

“shock moment and a spectacle…” What? Like a sideshow? What is he on about?

NO ONE – NO ONE is saying that a Woman needs a man to make their match great. Or in Trips words, “spectacular”

The whole point of intergender wrestling seems to be lost on Trips.

It isn’t that a Woman needs help, it is that a Woman needs to show the fans and the other performers that they are just as good if not better than the Male wrestlers. Equality taken to the next level.

But, my friends, that is the SECONDARY point. The main point is intergender wrestling would open up the roster in a way that WWE and many other promotions have NEVER thought of.

Mixed Match Challenge

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Look at the popularity of Mixed Match Challenge, if intergender wrestling was introduced, it could open up so many other combinations of what COULD be awesome matches.

No – Women don’t need Men to make a match “spectacular”, I think it is the other way around. Male wrestlers need intergender wrestling more than the Women do.

Women would be taken from the manager/valet role into a tag partner role. Or they would be manager/partner/valet, etc.

Triple H also stated:

“They need each other, the opportunity, the platform, and to be set free to do what they do. When we do that they rise to the occasion. They have stolen the show, they have had the main event, they will have their own pay-per-view…They don’t need [intergender wrestling]. It’s just shock value. You don’t need it. When it’s done right, I do believe there is an exciting moment when it can happen, but it doesn’t need to be the standard.”

NOW – here is my challenge to you…

Take EVERYTHING he said about Women and Women wrestling and put it in the context of race and not gender.

If he had said this in regards to race, the media would be calling for Triple H’s head!

I am not saying he did say anything about race and I want to make that clear.

Women wrestlers need more than just a PPV once or twice a year that is a Women only PPV – for true equality in wrestling, Men and Women need to fight side by side and each other.

Until then, Evolution and the PPV’s like them are nothing but the big wigs throwing Women scraps just to make them happy and keep them quiet.

Evolution is a great idea, but, the timing of it and the purpose of it seems to be too little too late on the side of WWE. In all fairness, there is more hype about Evolution than there is for #CrownJewel.

#Evolution is going to be a game changer, but, there should have been more pomp and circumstance for it, whereas Crown Jewel has been ‘downgraded’ to a smaller venue.

In the future, I want to see more than just lip service about Female wrestlers, more than just throwing a once a year or twice a year PPV where the Women are featured.

in my lifetime – I want to see FULL equality in wrestling.





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No Intergender Wrestling – According to Triple H.
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No Intergender Wrestling – According to Triple H.
No Intergender Wrestling – According to Triple H. Triple speaks on the current state of womens wrestling and the future of intergender wrestling.

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